Friday, October 16, 2009

I wish

It's time to get ready for a challenging life.. Life doesn't bring us to get alone all over the time. We sometimes need to share our time to be spent on others. Study is undoubtedly the core business for students but they have to unleash and enhance their soft skills too. For a leader, he'll be asked on the Day of Judgement on how what he has led. So, if there comes the time people elect you for some posts in particular organizations then that's no way to get off and say "I refuse" without showing ur ability first.

Due to that, I sometimes keep pondering and wondering why students in this kulliyyah chose me for that 'great' post in IPhA (IIUM Pharmacy Students Association) for 09/10 session particularly for 1st year students. Perhaps they've their own reason. Who knows, rite? But the day (8th October 09) would have become unforgettable day for me as I've had astonished condition to know people wouldn't mind to elect me for the post though i've no experience for conducting secretarial works for such great association.

But it doesn't mean i refuse to conduct most of the tasks and works given to me in the future. I don't wanna make a promise for this thing but i will ever try to do my best for this post. I really hope this will not entirely disturb my academic performance. I pray to Allah that i could've the strength to do and fulfil the tasks given. "impossible is just a word created by man.."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Commitment towards Excellence

Emceeing is really exciting actually. I gotta have a chance to project my true voice through that job. Though it was freakin' nervous but it started to be enjoyable after a few moments. Pronunciation must be perfect so that the event seems to be nice. Thanks to kak Nali and br. Azwadi, u guyz really taught me to become a good emcee. The day - closing ceremony of 1st National Pharmacy Quiz 2009 (4th October 09) made me wake up n realize how hard it is actually to become a good emcee. But the important thing is - don't forget to put pantun in ur malay emcee script version. huhu.

Next task on this week, Community Out-Reach Program (CORP) waits for us for sure. I really hope my group can do it well. To be frank, i hate to see people n take their time as i hate to spend my time for unknown person. But i have to admit that this job is important for my study. Bukit Goh, Kuantan will be my destination this coming saturday to see people in that rural area to survey regarding pharmaceutical health care.


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