Friday, February 27, 2009


Visa medical examination has also triggered other problematic circumstances to me as my visa was not approved yet. I underwent my visa medical examination in Klinik Khong, Ipoh, one of Australian panel clinics in Malaysia. Yeah, I dare to say that it’s due to my chest x-ray films showing the opacity suggestive of having granuloma, some sorts of signs for people to get PTB. But I have no power to prevent my chest x-ray from that kind of problem. I just prayed that everything is gonna be okay then. Dr. Esther Kong, 69, who’s responsible on my medical check up dated on 23rd January 2008, informed me that the result would be ready after a week via online. For this medical check up, I’d to be charged for about RM115 including chest x-ray.

But man can only purpose, God is the only one who dispose. Until the flight date, my visa was not approved yet. Then I found that I’m the only one who cannot fly off to Perth on 7th February 2009 from 14 students going to study in Curtin University of Technology in pharmacy. Gloomy, sorrow, disappointment and etc have always enveloped me since that time. But I tried so hard for not losing hope to study abroad. I always kept checking my visa application status although it seems that no good news could I get whenever I went online. I also made a call to too many person organizations including JPA, IDP Subang, Australian Embassy and Australian High Commission in KL and even Health Officer Centre (HOC) in Sydney after being advised. I did converse with them so long and finally I checked back with my panel doctor. Yup, as expected early, there is a shadow oval opacity at mid zone on my right lung. Oh no, I was in trouble!

Before that, I saw Dr. Rosalind for the second time on 2nd February 2009 to get the report regarding my sputum culture commenced about 1 month before. Just after having brief consultation with her, then I really felt so pleased to get no problems regarding my JPA medical check up. But how’re about the visa things? Oh God! It’s really terrific. Then I realized that life is not as easy as we always think. It’s really challenging and getting harder. But I couldn’t just wait and see. I had to do something. After considering my situation at that time, I called back my panel doctor to report to her my problem.

On Friday 13th February 2009, I decided to see Dr. Khong again on that day to help me to settle my problem. And everything’s still not going well. I’ve to see the doctor for the next day and on 16th, 17th and 18th February 2009 continuously. And it’s really exhausting and cost consumption for sure. Ipoh from Sg. Siput (U) takes about 45 min to reach. Either I like it or not, I’ve to do so.

I’ve to say that I was quite shocked on Monday when I got a call from IDP Subang informing me that there was a message from Australian Immigration directing me to undergo another chest x-ray for further investigation. Oh my goodness, I was so tired to do the sixth and seventh x-ray films since I did my JPA medical check up after that. Seriously, I was afraid if I might get side effects due to having a lot of chest x-ray films but alhamdulillah, the radiologist’s assistance said I’m not. Particularly, on Tuesday 17th February 2009, I had to see Dr. Tan Eng Kheong, a chest physician in his private clinic in Ipoh Garden. But I was afraid to be highly charged. After being advised by Dr. Khong, I better go to get everything settled. My mom also supported me although we couldn’t afford. By bringing together a lot of hopes and prays, I started my way to the clinic on the early morning. After I’d been checked up by the physician, as I expected before then I had to pay RM180 at counter. On the next day, I saw the Dr. Khong again to check all my documents back required by the doctor before it’ll be posted out by express courier service to KL. For the next step, I’ve to wait and wait by keeping checking online times by times to know either my visa is approved or not… But it’s really tough for me to accept the truth that I couldn't fly. Personally, I know that Allah is the most Merciful though what has happened to me is really hard. I have to be courage on the days after so that I could be able to achieve my vision to make my life more meaningful.


Undergoing medical examination is not so burdening for some people. But it’s not as simple as for others who are not going well with it. Problem might be faced out of our control. I sincerely has suffered from it as I’m gonna be screwed up by undergoing medical check up required by my sponsor, JPA and for visa approval indeed.

I really found that I was gonna step up to a very hard and terrible moment once I went to Hospital Pantai Putri, Ipoh, located on Jalan Tambun and saw Dr. Lee Ling Ling in Health and Wellness Centre there for medical check up. On Saturday 27th December 2008, I tried my best to finish up all the tests required in one day as I have to hand in to JPA as soon as possible, no matter how expensive it was to undergo it in private hospital. Lastly, yeah I had been charged for about RM252 for all the tests. Because there is a Mantoux test to be tested on me for JPA medical check up, then I had to see the doctor again after 3 days, means I had to go there on Tuesday 30th December 2008 to find out either I was positive or negative for Mantoux test.

It was sad to say that I suffered itching and redness on the point that I’d been injected for the test before I came to see the doctor. Then I realized that I was in a big trouble as the doctor confirmed that I had been suspected to get Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) due to positive Mantoux test and an abnormality traced out at the mid zone of my right lung. I definitely wondered why I could be suspected for that kind of disease as I didn’t get any bad fever and even severe cough. Besides, I also didn’t get any appetite and weight loss. I felt like to lose hope but I determined that there will be a way where there is a will. I had been advised by the doctor to see chest physician in Hospital Ipoh, a government hospital who’s going to make further investigation on me.

I came to see Dr. Rosalind Toh Beng Hong, a chest physician and consultant to ask for her help to make me out of this gloom. Because of that, I’d to be charged RM30 for the consultation. But the procedure is not as simple as we always think. She told me that I have to submit my sputum AFB samples as they are going to culture it under incubation in Kuala Lumpur. It’s vital for them to grow mycobacteria tuberculosis for about at least 1 month. I became anxious then as I needed to submit the JPA medical report on the 15th January 2009 during the pre-departure briefing in Putrajaya for lateness in case. After that I struggled to explain to Pn. Fauzana bt Abd. Muhi, the JPA officer for Australia and New Zealand bound students at that time so that I could hand in the medical check up form filled quite late after I’m done with everything.
(to be continued)...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tak Lapuk Dek Hujan, Tak Lekang Dek Panas


Saya juga masih ingat salah satu pantun yang dijual oleh Saudari Nur Dalila mewakili Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah ketika bertanding di peringkat akhir Pesta Pantun peringkat negeri Perak tahun 2003 yang mempunyai susunan dan ritma yang begitu baik dan indah sekali,

Berserak putik bersilang di desa,
Subur cempaka di baruh meranti,
Semarak patriotik menjulang bangsa,
Dilentur apa dek keruh hati?

Satu perkara lagi yang menjadikan pesta pantun lebih mencabar adalah berkenaan tema khusus yang disediakan pada setiap pusingan yang begitu pelbagai. Sebagai contoh, saya pernah menempuh tema-tema yang memerlukan kerja keras dan pengetahuan yang mendalam seperti ‘Integrasi Nasional’, ‘Semangat Kejiranan’, ‘Ilmu Pelita Hidup’ dan ‘Nilai Masa’ selain daripada tema-tema seperti ‘Semarak Patriotik’ dan ‘Meritokrasi Penjana Kegemilangan’ yang pernah saya dengar sebelum ini. Hal ini kerana, untuk mendapat skor tertinggi dalam pantun jual yang dicipta, pantun tersebut perlu mempunyai untaian kata yang indah yang tersembunyi makna yang mendalam di sebaliknya. Kebiasaannya, kemahiran ini lebih menumpu kepada usaha menggarap peribahasa dalam pantun yang dicipta. Sebagai contoh, saya pernah menggunakan peribahasa seperti ‘berkerat rotan berpatah arang’ dan 'sedang rebung elok dipatah, jadi buluh melepuh jari'. Selain itu, saya juga tertarik dengan penyampaian pemantun Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah yang banyak mempraktikkan penggunaan peribahasa dalam pantun mereka. Sebagai contoh, mereka pernah menggunakan peribahasa ‘seperti lidi terbetas di tali’ dan ‘seperti memanjat terkena seroda’ yang sememangnya begitu jarang kita dengar. Saudari Nur Jannah dari sekolah tersebut mempraktikkannya pada tahun 2003 dalam pantun yang berikut;

Serindit putih di dahan manggis,
Ke mana pergi si burung kenari;
Sakit merintih panahan Portugis,
Mengapa lidi terbetas di tali?

Bagaimanapun, yang menjadi persoalan kini adalah sejauh manakah kita menghargai seni pantun Melayu yang menjadi warisan berharga bagi rakyat di negara ini. Jika kita menghayati juga irama-irama lagu Melayu turut menyelitkan banyak pantun-pantun yang membawa mesej-mesej tertentu. Sebagai contoh, lagu ‘Joget Berhibur’ dendangan Datuk Siti Nurhaliza banyak diselitkan dengan pantun-pantun Melayu seperti,

Sorok di peti bunga kasturi,
Kainlah songket habis berbau,
Pujuklah hati bawa menari,
Menari joget lagu Melayu.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sirih berlipat sirih pinang,
Sirih dari Pulau Mutiara;
Pemanis kata selamat datang,
Awal bismilah pembuka kata.

Diilhamkan dari rencana ‘Ghairah dalam Empat Baris: Pantun Sebagai Bentuk Bersama’ karangan Muhammad Hj. Salleh, USM, saya mendahulukan tinta permata ini dengan salam sejahtera dan muhibbah untuk sama-sama berkongsi keindahan seni pantun Melayu yang tiada tandingan. Rangkap-rangkap pantun Melayu asli terkenal dan kaya dengan keindahannya dalam menyimpan banyak maksud tersirat yang tidak dapat ditafsirkan secara literal. Namun begitu, adat berpantun masih mampu dikekalkan sehingga ke hari ini. Sekiranya kita mengikuti pelbagai majlis-majlis termasuklah upacara merisik, upacara akad nikah, resepsi, majlis makan malam, majlis perpisahan dan sebagainya, kita akan mendapati bahawa pantun-pantun Melayu seringkali kedengaran.

Tingkap papan kayu bersegi,
Sampan sakat di Pulau Angsa;
Indah tampan kerana budi,
Tinggi bangsa kerana bahasa.

Pengalaman yang lepas akan saya jadikan landasan untuk mengajak anda menghayati dan meneliti keindahan seni warisan ini. Alangkah indahnya andai dapat dipersembahkan pantun pada masa-masa yang begitu bermakna. Sebagai bekas pemantun yang mewakili Sekolah Izzuddin Shah pada tahun 2005 dan 2006, saya sendiri teruja mencipta dan mempersembahkan pantun-pantun yang begitu mendalam maksudnya. Konsep pertandingan yang diadakan adalah lebih menjurus kepada pengekalan unsur-unsur keaslian seni berpantun yang begitu puitis didengari.

Mengarang pantun sememangnya bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah kerana saya sendiri memerlukan pengetahuan yang mendalam mengenai maksud untai kata dan perkataan yang membawa kepada sesuatu maksud apatah lagi perlu menyusunnya mengikut ritma yang berpadanan. Cabaran ketika pertandingan juga ditambah dengan bakat mencipta pantun kurang dari 60 saat. Namun begitu, berbekalkan semangat dan usaha dan tinggi, cabaran yang digalas dapat dilaksanakan dengan baik sekali. Pesta Pantun peringkat daerah Kinta 2 tahun 2005 dan 2006 serta peringkat negeri Perak tahun 2006 sememangnya menyimpan banyak kenangan manis yang tidak dapat dilupakan. Saya bersama-sama tiga rakan seperjuangan, Abdul Annas bin Shriff, Mohd Asyraf bin Othman dan Saiful Aqmal bin Saiful Azhar telah menggembleng tenaga memastikan perjuangan kami lebih bermakna. Akhirnya, usaha kami terbalas dengan menggondol gelaran naib johan pesta pantun peringkat zon PKG Seri Ampang dan daerah Kinta serta mara ke peringkat suku akhir peringkat negeri Perak bertempat di daerah Kerian. Kekalahan kami di peringkat negeri dikira bermaruah kerana tumpas di tangan peserta separuh akhir Pesta Pantun Piala Sirih Pulang ke Gagang peringkat kebangsaan pada tahun yang sama. Perjuangan ini lebih bermakna kepada saya sendiri apabila berjaya merangkul gelaran Pemantun Terbaik peringkat daerah Kinta tahun 2006.

Sampan kolek di hujung tanjung,
Disusun muatan diatur bersilang;
Adat dikelek budi dijunjung,
Mampukah watan terus menjulang?

Rangkap pantun ini merupakan salah satu rangkap-rangkap pantun yang pernah saya karang dan jual kepada pihak lawan ketika bertanding. Di sinilah ruang di mana kita dapat menunjukkan bakat kita mengarang untai kata yang indah demi memartabatkan bangsa. Teknik penyusunan perkatan juga perlu dipelajari sebaik mungkin agar rangkap-rangkap pantun yang terhasil lebih indah dan terpancar kekayaan bahasa yang begitu berharga. Sebagai contoh, pantun yang baik mempunyai ritma hujung ‘abab’ dan bukannya ‘aaaa’. ‘aaaa’ hanya sesuai dalam mencipta syair yang puitis. Namun begitu tidak menjadi kesalahan untuk mencipta pantun beritma hujung ‘aaaa’. Manakala, di bahagian pangkal dan tengah pula, adalah lebih indah jika dapat disusun ‘abab’ atau ‘aaaa’. Sebagai contoh,

Buah langsat kuning mencelah,
Senduduk tidak berbunga lagi;
Sudah dapat gading bertuah,
Tanduk tidak berguna lagi.

Dari mana punai melayang,
Dari paya turun ke padi;
Dari mana datangnya sayang,
Dari mata turun ke hati.



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