Thursday, February 11, 2010

Malam Tautan Kasih 2010

As being planned very2 well by our batch leader, Assyafiq Naziruddin, and his committee, this event took place in our great Kulliyyah of Pharmacy building. This program or night runs on 9th February 2010 (Tuesday) after Maghrib. It aims to strengthen ukhuwwah between us (rx8 iium family) and to always ponder what we've been through in our lives before ~Gagasan Kasih Sayang: Membina Personaliti Kendiri~. The slots were arranged from the open discussion to the muhasabah part before we proceeded to our grand dinner. This annual program is hoped to inculcate the sense of togetherness and avoid any misunderstandings that we might have faced throughout our days in this university. There were also some dressing color themes (black, blue and red) set for this program and it seemed that most of us followed that theme! Hopefully we can get something from that splendid night to capture great moments in next 3 years being part of this undergraduate program.



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