Thursday, May 7, 2009

PSAS Convocation Day not bad

On Monday, 27th April 2008, I didn't miss to experience coming to see my older brother to be graduated for Diploma of Civil Engineering in Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah (PSAS), Behrang after having worked hard for about 3 years to get it. Except my younger sister, my family and I left home just couples of minutes before 6 o'clock in the morning. Honestly, this is my second time to attend a convocation day (not including my INTEC certificate-giving ceremony – just because it's not as great as a convocation day held by universities) after being fascinated to experience my older sister's convocation day in UiTM Shah Alam 4 years ago. The difference in this convocation day is, muslim boys wearing songkok instead of graduation cap while muslim girls wearing uniformed white tudung also without the graduation cap.
On the day, thing that I really wanna know is about the ‘Pingat Ketua Jabatan’ or PKJ, just after noticing a few students wearing it on their graduation cloak. It really makes me wonder on how do they get and what's the specialty that they might have to achieve that. Just after having talked to my brother then I realized that PSAS students must achieve pointer 3.5 and above in final semester in order to ensure being awarded PKJ on graduation day. While some local universities might have what we call as ‘Anugerah Dekan’ or whatsoever, PSAS also has their own way to celebrate their excellent students.
Though it's the first time for PSAS to hold such event in its renovated multi-purpose hall, I think it's not really bad. Although I know before that they're so lucky to hold it in Putrajaya, but having said that I really felt such a convocation environment as other higher institutions might have every single year. With many booths set up by students and invited particular companies especially florists to join together, it's so nice. But, for sure there are some parts that need improvements in terms of efficiency. The high committee members of the event should make sure that there is such a huge canopy for the other family members to watch the ceremony live in big television provided outside the hall. It's also for their convenience too. All in all, it's great!

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