Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 Consecutive Ta’aruf Week Days

It’s been just about 3 days of Ta’aruf Week for July 09/10 Intake Students in this IIUM. But, we’re – the Direct Intake Students in this university have been about 2 weeks staying here in this Gombak Main Campus. Because some of the others and I are Kuantan’s Campus Students, we can’t even wait to move there. The reason is we definitely won’t have Kulliyyah here and we really need to adapt as quick as possible with the new study environment in Kuantan. By tomorrow we’re gonna leave this campus and go to Kuantan by provided IIUM bus at 9am sharp.

Let’s put that things aside and talk a little bit about our 3 days of Ta’aruf Week. It’s so lucky for not having such a compact program tentative this year due to the spread of Influenza A (H1N1) rampantly nowadays. Much more gathering are too risky for the students to easily transfer the virus as there are many international students enroll this university every year.

During this Taaruf Week, I also got the chance to meet my x-schoolmates. They are Hafiz Jamaluddin (well-known as p-jem) – Engineering, Sharul Nizam (well-known as Yeop) – Laws and Anas Khairul Azhar – Laws. Not becoming over excited but feeling too pleased to see them enrolling in the same period with me.

I’m also really happy to get good results in several tests that I sit since the day I enrolled. Getting exempted in English Placement Test (EPT) is not something fascinating because we’ve been through with IELTS before. But honestly, I was quite shock to pass the Arabic Placement Test (APT) as it’s been about 2 ½ years I left the subject behind. Besides, I gotta be placed in TQB 2000 in Tilawah Test – meaning that I’ll be in Level 2 for Tilawah class soon and have passed the Fundamental Knowledge Test (FKT) recently. Too many tests sometimes are good to brush up your skills but it was bit tiring, I admit.

To be surprised, Fawwaz and I suddenly found Amiruddin’s ‘twin’. His name is Arif. He's our Bai'ah leader in Bai’ah Ceremony (pledging oath). Maybe it sounds funny, but it’s true. It’s not only the similar physical appearance and attitude – hair style, spectacle, goatee and back and side views, but also the way he walks. Sorry Amir, I have to be honest. Sorry for the quite blurred picture to show below as Fawwaz and I didn’t try to get his permission to take his picture during the formal occasion. He's the one in the centre of the picture.


  1. sorry Ridzuan.. lambat baca.. coz aku br balik dr winter trip...
    bdk tu amik Farmasi gak ke?
    pelanduk dua serupa kot..
    mesti korg rindu kat aku kan... hehe...

  2. bdak tu bkn course farmsi. dy blja kt kampus gombak. skrg dh x jmpe dh.
    bile tgok dy teringt ko..
    huhu, x taw la ko ngan faka ingt kt aku ke x..



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