Sunday, November 22, 2009

McLEAD 2009

It’s really amazing for me to get the chance participating special program conducted by S-Dev IIUM Gombak recently. This program called Management Course for Student Leaders (McLEAD 2009) was held in Sanctuary Resort, Cherating from 20-22 Nov 2009 by which the participants are all the representatives from each society in IIUM Gombak and Kuantan. Alhamdulillah, everything was going well. To be surprised, I found that I am the youngest among IIUM Kuantan participants who are mostly presidents and vise presidents from their respective societies. This program is really good to enhance our skills in organizing programs and provide us knowledge to manage our societies in a good way.

Group from IIUM Kuantan

As this program was carried out during monsoon season, we didn’t get the chance to have outdoor activities and recreations. There is always raining quite non-stop either heavily or lightly. Oceans were waving very hard and it is impermissible and dangerous to experience the beach unluckily. But the aims of this program are to well-equip us with information and knowledge regarding the right and legal way to organize a particular program and it is achieved successfully although without any physical activities.

I was attracted by a slot presented by Mr. Rizal Hassan, a consultant that taught us how to know people characteristics by looking their eyes. It’s very2 interesting to know the power of influence and the skills to ‘psycho’ people in a good way. We’re very looking forward to possess the technique to manage our committees and have a good rapport. The best thing is, we’re not easily getting bored with his slot.

On the last day, we’re very lucky to have Dr. Mohd Arip bin Kasmo from UKM to present a slot regarding to the investigation between science and Al-Quran. I’m totally amazed by the presentation that was showed to us and came up with the proof of science on human being and creation of universe. Besides, I had had an opportunity to buy his book published to tell people of all these things. He also showed us some people in western countries who converted to Islam after receiving hidayah from Allah by exploring and investigating the content of Al-Quran. Alhamdulillah..


  1. owh..ade mclead ye hujung minggu hari tu...dah lama tak berpersatuan ni..kurang tahu menahu
    pernah ke mclead masa matrix..satu pengalaman yang menarik..cuma dulu, terlampau banyak ceramah...ipha induction course lagi seronok!

  2. yup, 3 hri 2 mlm d cherating.. 1 society kne hntr 1 wakil.. dsbbkn mr presdent dh penah pegi, dy hrp yg bru2 ini dpt timba pngalamn.. bnyk jgak ilmu bguna yg dperoleh spnjg prgram tu blangsung..



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