Monday, November 30, 2009

no more playing around

After going through hecticness, nervousness, pleasure, worries, excitement, misery, gloom and so on for about 5 months, here comes the time to make a post-mortem on the 1st semester of Year 1 in Kulliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM for 09/10 session. With 13 weeks of lectures, 4 ½ weeks of exams, I think I did have enough time to adapt and explore the actual life of a pharmacy student in this IIUM. Now, I do realize that pharmacy students’ lives in this Kulliyyah are exciting despite of having hard time to show commitments and fulfill many tasks given. You cannot just open your books every time to score the highest marks but you have to be active, committed and a little bit extrovert to gain general knowledge and additional information regarding subjects in this course.

Due to that, I hereby highlight some points that need improvement and to be focused more once I begin this coming semester:

  1. Utilization of text and reference books is not remarkably at the highest point. I still didn’t distinctly refer that kind of books whenever I was gonna do revisions. I always believed that handouts and notes from lectures are more than enough.
  2. Concentration in class was not really satisfactory as I could have easily forgotten some main points emphasized by lecturers or course coordinators that might have possibilities to come out in final exams.
  3. Reluctance to grab opportunities in gaining important information really destroyed myself. Either it is from lecturers or friends, I did eventually keep myself in regretful circumstances whenever I was gonna sit for exams. Building a good rapport with our lecturers will undoubtedly benefit us.
  4. I didn’t give full cooperation towards attending classes or activities organized that benefits me based on academic point of view. Seminars on drugs in pharmacy practice, UNGS classes, presentations and certain activities organized by previous IPhA office bearers are amongst that I take for granted. Even if I attended some of them, I didn’t really focus on whatever delivered during the activities and classes. But I believe I was not the only one doing it, this condition also happened on some of my colleagues.
  5. My time management is quite bad as I noticed. It is because I spent some of my time on something which is not educational and unbeneficial to me. Perhaps having most of the time with books and notes will lead us to possess bad social lifestyle, but I think it is unfair to judge someone blatantly just like that. Consideration on the core business is important at all.

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