Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Damn Acid-fast Bacilli (AFB)

In this new 2010, it's better to change and develop ourselves towards good persons. History might get us awaken from previous shortcomings and to always ponder over every single thing happens in our lives. People who are always trying to wake up after going through difficulties and problems in their lives are making their ways to triumph and success. Let's bygone be bygone so that we could be strong enough to face future challenges.

Today's lecture really make me remember circumstances that i'd been through about a year ago. Learning about Mycobacterium tuberculosis under Microbiology subject by Dr. Khin Ma Ma supposedly make me become bored and hatred as if not due to that damn bacteria, I might become one of Curtin Uni in Perth right now. But with His will, I'm in IPTA for about 4 years (insyaAllah). I'm so grateful to have very supportive colleagues and knowledgeable lecturers either they are local people or foreigners. It was not really hard to understand the subtopic as I'm so familiar with all the Mantoux test, AFB sputum produced in early morning, 8 weeks of bacterial culture to know result of the test and so on. Now, I really feel better.

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