Sunday, December 27, 2009

will it change my mind?

I've to be quick in making decision. Mahallah promised to give priority for students having their posts in particular organisations. But I definitely will easily get bored and face a lot of problems in gathering information if i do prefer to stay in mahallah without my classmates. 1 more thing, i can have such an opportunity to make a group discussion without thinking to strive riding motorcycle once we're not separated apart.

Staying outside mahallah might bring me to a world where i have to diminish selfnesses that would continuously grow if stay in mahallah. Perhaps it will absolutely generate togetherness and give us chance to survive in the way that we will have it in the future, who knows. So, after having discussion with my future housemates and asking about it with my respected parents, i risk to be one of them to stay in rented house. No 'pak guard' and no 'cleaner' for sure. The picture at above is 'gambar hiasan' only. Eventhough, we've to operate 'cleansing' and 'slight renovation' first as the condition of the house is not as we expected before this. So, new house or room with a new determination (a few days to go towards 2010), who knows?

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