Friday, February 27, 2009


Visa medical examination has also triggered other problematic circumstances to me as my visa was not approved yet. I underwent my visa medical examination in Klinik Khong, Ipoh, one of Australian panel clinics in Malaysia. Yeah, I dare to say that it’s due to my chest x-ray films showing the opacity suggestive of having granuloma, some sorts of signs for people to get PTB. But I have no power to prevent my chest x-ray from that kind of problem. I just prayed that everything is gonna be okay then. Dr. Esther Kong, 69, who’s responsible on my medical check up dated on 23rd January 2008, informed me that the result would be ready after a week via online. For this medical check up, I’d to be charged for about RM115 including chest x-ray.

But man can only purpose, God is the only one who dispose. Until the flight date, my visa was not approved yet. Then I found that I’m the only one who cannot fly off to Perth on 7th February 2009 from 14 students going to study in Curtin University of Technology in pharmacy. Gloomy, sorrow, disappointment and etc have always enveloped me since that time. But I tried so hard for not losing hope to study abroad. I always kept checking my visa application status although it seems that no good news could I get whenever I went online. I also made a call to too many person organizations including JPA, IDP Subang, Australian Embassy and Australian High Commission in KL and even Health Officer Centre (HOC) in Sydney after being advised. I did converse with them so long and finally I checked back with my panel doctor. Yup, as expected early, there is a shadow oval opacity at mid zone on my right lung. Oh no, I was in trouble!

Before that, I saw Dr. Rosalind for the second time on 2nd February 2009 to get the report regarding my sputum culture commenced about 1 month before. Just after having brief consultation with her, then I really felt so pleased to get no problems regarding my JPA medical check up. But how’re about the visa things? Oh God! It’s really terrific. Then I realized that life is not as easy as we always think. It’s really challenging and getting harder. But I couldn’t just wait and see. I had to do something. After considering my situation at that time, I called back my panel doctor to report to her my problem.

On Friday 13th February 2009, I decided to see Dr. Khong again on that day to help me to settle my problem. And everything’s still not going well. I’ve to see the doctor for the next day and on 16th, 17th and 18th February 2009 continuously. And it’s really exhausting and cost consumption for sure. Ipoh from Sg. Siput (U) takes about 45 min to reach. Either I like it or not, I’ve to do so.

I’ve to say that I was quite shocked on Monday when I got a call from IDP Subang informing me that there was a message from Australian Immigration directing me to undergo another chest x-ray for further investigation. Oh my goodness, I was so tired to do the sixth and seventh x-ray films since I did my JPA medical check up after that. Seriously, I was afraid if I might get side effects due to having a lot of chest x-ray films but alhamdulillah, the radiologist’s assistance said I’m not. Particularly, on Tuesday 17th February 2009, I had to see Dr. Tan Eng Kheong, a chest physician in his private clinic in Ipoh Garden. But I was afraid to be highly charged. After being advised by Dr. Khong, I better go to get everything settled. My mom also supported me although we couldn’t afford. By bringing together a lot of hopes and prays, I started my way to the clinic on the early morning. After I’d been checked up by the physician, as I expected before then I had to pay RM180 at counter. On the next day, I saw the Dr. Khong again to check all my documents back required by the doctor before it’ll be posted out by express courier service to KL. For the next step, I’ve to wait and wait by keeping checking online times by times to know either my visa is approved or not… But it’s really tough for me to accept the truth that I couldn't fly. Personally, I know that Allah is the most Merciful though what has happened to me is really hard. I have to be courage on the days after so that I could be able to achieve my vision to make my life more meaningful.

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