Friday, February 27, 2009


Undergoing medical examination is not so burdening for some people. But it’s not as simple as for others who are not going well with it. Problem might be faced out of our control. I sincerely has suffered from it as I’m gonna be screwed up by undergoing medical check up required by my sponsor, JPA and for visa approval indeed.

I really found that I was gonna step up to a very hard and terrible moment once I went to Hospital Pantai Putri, Ipoh, located on Jalan Tambun and saw Dr. Lee Ling Ling in Health and Wellness Centre there for medical check up. On Saturday 27th December 2008, I tried my best to finish up all the tests required in one day as I have to hand in to JPA as soon as possible, no matter how expensive it was to undergo it in private hospital. Lastly, yeah I had been charged for about RM252 for all the tests. Because there is a Mantoux test to be tested on me for JPA medical check up, then I had to see the doctor again after 3 days, means I had to go there on Tuesday 30th December 2008 to find out either I was positive or negative for Mantoux test.

It was sad to say that I suffered itching and redness on the point that I’d been injected for the test before I came to see the doctor. Then I realized that I was in a big trouble as the doctor confirmed that I had been suspected to get Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) due to positive Mantoux test and an abnormality traced out at the mid zone of my right lung. I definitely wondered why I could be suspected for that kind of disease as I didn’t get any bad fever and even severe cough. Besides, I also didn’t get any appetite and weight loss. I felt like to lose hope but I determined that there will be a way where there is a will. I had been advised by the doctor to see chest physician in Hospital Ipoh, a government hospital who’s going to make further investigation on me.

I came to see Dr. Rosalind Toh Beng Hong, a chest physician and consultant to ask for her help to make me out of this gloom. Because of that, I’d to be charged RM30 for the consultation. But the procedure is not as simple as we always think. She told me that I have to submit my sputum AFB samples as they are going to culture it under incubation in Kuala Lumpur. It’s vital for them to grow mycobacteria tuberculosis for about at least 1 month. I became anxious then as I needed to submit the JPA medical report on the 15th January 2009 during the pre-departure briefing in Putrajaya for lateness in case. After that I struggled to explain to Pn. Fauzana bt Abd. Muhi, the JPA officer for Australia and New Zealand bound students at that time so that I could hand in the medical check up form filled quite late after I’m done with everything.
(to be continued)...

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