Wednesday, August 5, 2009

H1N1 is everywhere

I was quite astonished by some words produced by fakarudin in his facebook before this. He totally expressed why it should be frantic for Malaysian today with the order to close many education centers just because of the spread of pandemic Influenza A. Yes, we know that the spread of the virus is very rampant in Australia particularly in Melbourne but it's all about ministry's issue. The minister just don't want the very terrible condition becomes worse.

I've been mentioned before that there are a few ipt's around Malaysia including kuantan has closed their institution temporarily just because of that. I don't think it's just a waste of time. People need to be conscious on their health condition nowadays because cost of treatments are not so very little for most disease. So don't just take it for granted. Just remember "prevention is better than cure".

Like in IIUM kuantan right now, some kulliyyahs like medic, dentistry and nursing has given the formal study leave quarantine for their students just to prevent rapid spread. We already knew that IIUM is a very international uni in this country. So, there is no wonder to get shocked for this new news. The quarantine reduces much gatherings between the healthy individuals and the suffering ones. Love the community and don't let people around you to suffer.


  1. sukar untuk menghadapi musuh yang kita tidak nampak. kita tidak tahu siapa yang pembawa..siapa yang penghidap..semakin ramai orang yang jatuh sakit di sekeliling kita. itu tidak termasuk yang batuk-batuk dan selsema (termasuklah diri ini).

    moga-moga kita terus bergantung kepada Allah supaya kita masih diberikan nikmat untuk hidup dan dijauhi ujian H1N1 ini. Moga hidup yang berpanjangan dengan berkat dan reda-Nya..

    btw nama: Salahuddin

  2. sihat itu anugerah dari Allah. it's totally priceless and we as Muslim should always be thankful of whatever opportunities that He has given to us.. may Allah always bless us..



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